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Happy Lappy staff have been fixing technical problems with modern IT equipment for over 30 years; founded by Ian Schultz and Angela McConnell in 2008 seeking an opportunity to help people who have not grown up in the technology generation. Having built the company over 8 years both have retired with the knowing that Happy Lappy continues to provide excellent quality service to every customer. Happy Lappy works closely with libraries, women’s Institutes, carer groups and local authorities they have gained a wealth of experience and fully understanding how to help people who find technology bewildering.


No problem is unique, and no one should feel silly or embarrassed, everyone has a moment when they don't know what to do next, or finds technology confusing - it is only easy when you know how


Happy Lappy provides support in a uniquely, non-technical way that helps the client understand what is wrong with their device and how problems can be solved.  They do their best to build client confidence and teach them their device will not go into melt down when they press the wrong button


Their aim to provide a unique personal experience in the comfort of a client's home without the worry of travel, parking or receiving that impersonal treatment.

Pete Howlett

Pete has worked in IT for over 30yrs having learned his trade in the Royal Corps of Signals. Upon leaving Her Majesties Forces he managed and directed major IT projects for the MOD including email and IT security. Peter's trustworthiness and integrity are backed by the highest levels of Security clearance. Looking for a change of direction and a new challenge he joined Happy Lappy as a Director in 2017 and has now taken control with Ian and Angela's retirements


Peter is a family man married to Julia, with 2 daughters Stacey and Charlie and cocker spaniel Bella. When not working he enjoys Motor sport, Running, Golf and chilling.

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Stacey Howlett

Stacey is Pete's Daughter and helps out with delivering the Newsletter each month to make it exciting and keep you up to date on all the latest news. I also update and keep you informed on our Facebook page and maintain the website.


I am a graphic designer and have graduated from university in Digital Arts. I love to create marketing materials such as posters and leaflets and also have some knowledge of creating websites.  I enjoy knitting, baking, walking and running.